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I, Tonya 《我,花样女王》
Tonya Harding is one of figure skating's most notorious figures. Now we get her side of the story in I, Tonya – was she or was she not involved in the conspiracy1 to club her main competition, Nancy Kerrigan, in the lead-up to the 1994 Winter Olympics? As played by Margot Robbie, who BBC Culture film critic Caryn James said "gives the film its heart" in her four-star review, Harding is a sympathetic, if far from saintly, figure. The film, presented at times like a mockumentary with the actors playing real-life Harding associates talking directly into the camera as if they're being interviewed, shows the abuse and poverty the figure skater suffered growing up. Allison Janney, as Harding's foul-mouthed, violent mother, is a leading contender for best supporting actress at the Academy Awards on 4 March. If its script is a little too "on the nose" at times, it's an arresting vision of an athlete who tried, and failed, to live and compete on her own terms. Released February 1 in Singapore and Russia, February 9 in Mexico and February 23 in the UK and Spain. (Credit: Neon)
Early Man 《早期人类》
Nick Park might not be a well-known name outside of the UK, but, as the creator of Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, he is one of the most influential3 figures in the history of animation4. A four-time Oscar winner, Park is directing his first feature film since Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit 13 years ago. Early Man, which pits proud young caveman Dug (Eddie Redmayne) and his wild boar Hognob (Park himself) against the wily machinations of Lord Nooth (Tom Hiddleston), who's entered the Bronze Age faster than Dug's tribe and wants to conquer them with his superior weaponry. Released February 1 in Greece, February 8 in Brazil and Croatia and February 16 in the US (Credit: StudioCanal)
Annihilation 《湮灭》
Alex Garland dazzled audiences with Ex Machina, a sci-fi indie with a $15m budget but a $150m look. He's back with another genre-expanding inquiry5 perched somewhere between science and fantasy with Annihilation, an adaptation of the 2014 Jeff VanderMeer novel about a soldier grievously injured on a plot of land cut off from civilisation6 and strangely altered by extraterrestrial forces, and his scientist wife who ventures inside the alien zone looking for a way to save him. Oscar Isaac plays the husband, and Natalie Portman is his brainy spouse7 – with Tessa Thompson playing another scientist. Expect your brain to be teased and your eyes to pop. Released February 22 in Brazil, Hong Kong and Israel and February 23 in the US and UK. (Credit: Paramount8 Pictures)
Black Panther 《黑豹》
The Marvel9 Cinematic Universe turns 10 this year, and they're kicking off their second decade with what may be their coolest film yet: Black Panther, the story of the king of Wakanda – in Marvel lore10, the most technologically11 sophisticated nation on earth – and his exploits moonlighting as a superhero. A largely black cast is made up of such heavyweights as Chadwick Boseman (who dons the title character's claws), Lupita Nyong'o (who leads Wakanda's all-female special forces team), Danai Gurira, Daniel Kaluuya, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker and Michael B Jordan (as the oft-shirtless villain12 Killmonger). Its director, Ryan Coogler, blew audiences and critics away with Fruitvale Station and Creed13 and possesses an ability to wed2 deep emotion to virtuosic14 camerawork – aided by cinematographer Rachel Morrison, who just became the first woman ever nominated for best cinematography at the Oscars. And on top of this, there's a Kendrick Lamar-produced tie-in album! Released February 13 in the UK and Taiwan and February 16 in the US, Canada, India and Pakistan (Credit: Marvel Studios)
The 15:17 to Paris 《15点17分,启程巴黎》
Not even time can stop Clint Eastwood. To put this singular career in perspective: Eastwood was the star of a top-rated US TV series, Rawhide15, in the 1950s – and he managed to direct the top-grossing film of 2014 in American Sniper. No one else can lay claim to being so relevant for so long. His new effort behind the camera is based on the true story of the US servicemen and their friend who, while on leave, foiled a would-be assailant on an express train from Belgium to Paris. The twist here is that the real-life individuals involved with stopping the attack are playing themselves. Can they act? Does it matter? We'll see. Released February 9 in the US and UK and February 23 in Spain and Sweden. (Credit: Warner Bros)
A Fantastic Woman 《普通女人》
Chile has produced two of the most interesting film-makers in the world right now. Between Pablo Larraín, who crossed over to Hollywood with 2016's Jackie, and Sebastián Lelio, who made the 2013 festival darling Gloria, the nation has become one of the most interesting movie exporters in South America. Lelio's latest, A Fantastic Woman, has just been nominated for best foreign language film at the Oscars, and is only now being released around the world. It's about a romance between an older man and a much younger transgender woman, and the horrible abuse she takes from his family after he dies. Daniela Vega, who is herself transgender, distinguishes the film with her performance – especially considering how so many filmmakers still cast cisgender actors in transgender roles. Lelio is about to cross over to Hollywood himself for two more films scheduled to be released this year: Disobedience, an adaptation of the Naomi Alderman novel starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams, and a remake of Gloria starring Julianne Moore in the title role. Released February 2 in the US, February 24 in Japan and March 2 in the UK and Ireland. (Credit: Sony Pictures Classics)


1 conspiracy     
  • The men were found guilty of conspiracy to murder.这些人被裁决犯有阴谋杀人罪。
  • He claimed that it was all a conspiracy against him.他声称这一切都是一场针对他的阴谋。
2 wed     
  • The couple eventually wed after three year engagement.这对夫妇在订婚三年后终于结婚了。
  • The prince was very determined to wed one of the king's daughters.王子下定决心要娶国王的其中一位女儿。
3 influential     
  • He always tries to get in with the most influential people.他总是试图巴结最有影响的人物。
  • He is a very influential man in the government.他在政府中是个很有影响的人物。
4 animation     
  • They are full of animation as they talked about their childhood.当他们谈及童年的往事时都非常兴奋。
  • The animation of China made a great progress.中国的卡通片制作取得很大发展。
5 inquiry     
  • Many parents have been pressing for an inquiry into the problem.许多家长迫切要求调查这个问题。
  • The field of inquiry has narrowed down to five persons.调查的范围已经缩小到只剩5个人了。
6 civilisation     
  • Energy and ideas are the twin bases of our civilisation.能源和思想是我们文明的两大基石。
  • This opera is one of the cultural totems of Western civilisation.这部歌剧是西方文明的文化标志物之一。
7 spouse     
  • Her spouse will come to see her on Sunday.她的丈夫星期天要来看她。
  • What is the best way to keep your spouse happy in the marriage?在婚姻中保持配偶幸福的最好方法是什么?
8 paramount     
  • My paramount object is to save the Union and destroy slavery.我的最高目标是拯救美国,摧毁奴隶制度。
  • Nitrogen is of paramount importance to life on earth.氮对地球上的生命至关重要。
9 marvel     
  • The robot is a marvel of modern engineering.机器人是现代工程技术的奇迹。
  • The operation was a marvel of medical skill.这次手术是医术上的一个奇迹。
10 lore     
  • I will seek and question him of his lore.我倒要找上他,向他讨教他的渊博的学问。
  • Early peoples passed on plant and animal lore through legend.早期人类通过传说传递有关植物和动物的知识。
11 technologically     
  • Shanghai is a technologically advanced city. 上海是中国的一个技术先进的城市。
  • Many senior managers are technologically illiterate. 许多高级经理都对技术知之甚少。
12 villain     
  • He was cast as the villain in the play.他在戏里扮演反面角色。
  • The man who played the villain acted very well.扮演恶棍的那个男演员演得很好。
13 creed     
  • They offended against every article of his creed.他们触犯了他的每一条戒律。
  • Our creed has always been that business is business.我们的信条一直是公私分明。
14 virtuosic     
15 rawhide     
  • At his belt he carried a rawhide whip.他腰间别着生牛皮制成的鞭子。
  • The drum skin was tightly strapped over the circle rawhide laces.鼓皮的一圈被生牛皮紧紧地勒住了。
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