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部长级会议 ministerial meeting
公正合理 equitable1 and rational
抢得先机 take the preemptive opportunities
减免债务 reduce and cancel debts
工程项目 engineering project
同步增长 increase in the same pace
摆脱亚洲金融危机的影响 shake off the impact of the financial crisis
走上良性发展的轨道 going on the track of sound progress
工业增加值 industrial added value
固定资产投资 investment in the fixed2 assets
建材 building materials
累计实现顺差143.4美元 accumulatively realizing trade surplus
注入新的生机与活力 bring new vigor and vitality into
配件 accessories
备件 spare parts
进口环节税 import linkage tax
营业税 turnover tax
企业所得税 corporate income tax
抵免 offset
省会 provincial capital
直辖市 municipality directly under the central government
龙头产品 flagship product
现代企业制度 modern corporate system
实行股份制 enforce stockholding system
控股公司 holding company
自主经营,自负盈亏 responsible for their own management decisions, profits and losses
在巩固公有制主体地位的同时,促进多种所有制经济共同发展 alongside fortifying the status of the public ownership as the mainstay, it is also encouraged to witness common development of different systems of ownership
形成统一、开放和竞争有序的市场 establish an unified, open market with orderly competition
国家科技创新体系 State Scientific and Technological Innovation System
帮助人才脱颖而出 help excellent talents find way to distinction
清理、修订 screen and modify
水利 water conservation
转化经营机制 change the method of operation
中介服务组织 intermediary service organization
军民两用品出口 dual purpose exports 
军民两用产品和技术 dual-use goods and technology 
北美自由贸易区  NAFTA North American Free Trade Area 
全球配额  global quota 
祖父条款  grandfather clause 
动物源食品  Animal-derived food
部门提前自愿自由化  EVSL (Early Voluntary Sectoral Liberalization) 
贸易和投资自由化和便利化  TILF (Trade and Investment Liberalization and Facilitation) 
国际清算 international settlement
商住和公益设施建设 commercial, residential and public utility construction
广开就业门路 increase employment opportunities; create jobs in every possible way; open up more channels of employment
自由浮动汇率 free floating exchange rate; variable exchange rate
资本项目 capital account
经常项目 current account
求同存异 overcome differences and seek common ground
防伪标志 anti-fake label
出口创汇型产业 export-oriented industry
盘活存量资产 revitalize stock assets
竟价投标 competitive bidding
协议投标 negotiated bidding
横向兼并 horizontal merger
垂直兼并 vertical merger
垃圾融资 junk financing
货币市场 money market
申报制度 reporting system; income declaration system 
船务公司  shipping service company
非商标(非专利)产品 generic products 
稳健的货币政策  prudent monetary policy 
超前消费  deficit spending 
(到银行)挤兑  run on banks
对农业的国内支持  domestic support to agriculture
特种债券   special bonds
富裕经济  economy of abundance 
年复合增长率  CAGA (compound annual growth average) 
动物源性蛋白  Animal-based protein
转基因组织 GMO (genetically modified organism)
视频点播  VOD (video-on-demand)
音频点播  AOD (audio-on-demand)
市场准人的行政管理措施 AAMA: Administrative Aspects of Market Access
亚太工商咨询理事会 ABAC: APEC Business Advisory Council
亚太商业论坛 ABF:APEC Business Forum
亚太通讯与数据系统 ACDS:APEC Communications and Database System
亚太中小企业技术交流与培训中心 ACTETSME:APEC Center for Technology Exchange and Training for Small and Medium Enterprises
亚洲开发银行 ADB: Asian Development Bank
亚太经合组织经济领导人会议 AELM: APEC Economic Leaders Meeting
东盟自由贸易区 AFTA:ASEAN Free Trade Area
亚太经合组织部长级会议 AMM:APEC MinisteriaI Meeting
澳新紧密经济关系协定 ANZCERTA:Australia New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement
亚太商业网络 APB-Net:Asia-Pacific Business Network
亚太经济合作组织 APEC:Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
亚太能源研究中心 APERC:Asia Pacific Energy Research Center
亚太信息基础设施 APII:Asia-Pacific Information Infrastructure
亚太实验室认可合作 APLAC:Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
亚太法定计量论坛 APLMF:Asia Pacific Legal Metrology Forum
亚太计量程序 APMP:Asia Pacific Metrology Program
东南亚国家联盟 ASEAN:Association of South-East Asian Nations
亚欧会议 ASEM:Asia-Europe Meeting
农业技术合作 ATC:Agricultural Technical Cooperation
中央处理器 CPU(Central Processing Unit)
计算机辅助设计 CAD(Computer-Aided Design)
互联网普及率 Internet Penetration
网民 Cyber Citizen
网络犯罪 Cyber Crime
网络城市, 虚拟城市 Cyber City
数字鸿沟 Digital Divide
智能学校 Smart Schools
多功能卡 Multipurpose Card
软件开发 Software Development
内容开发 Content Development
数字化商业 Digital Business
信息化 Informationization, Network-based Information Flow
软件包 Software Packages
申请注册域名 Domain Name Application and Registration
虚拟空间 Virtual Space
局域网 Intranet
脑图 Mind Map
便携式电脑 Portable Computer; Laptop; Notebook Computer
个人数字助理 PDA---Personal Digital Assistant
掌上电脑 Palm Computer
路由器 Router
网络管理员 Network Administrator
网络经济 Cyber Economy
以太网 Ethernet
服务提供者 ISP-Internet Service Provider
网络计算机 NC: Network Computer
多媒体个人电脑 MPC: Multimedia Personal Computer
多媒体扩展 MMX: 是MultiMedia eXtensions
兆赫 MHz Mega Hertz
视频图形阵列 VGA:Video Graphics Array
三维摄影室 3D Studio: Three Dimension Studio
虚拟现实 VR:Virtual Reality
原始设备制造商 OEM:Original Equipment Manufacturer
即插即用 PNP:Plug and Play
乐器数字接口 MIDI:Musical Instrument Digital Interface
运动图像专家组 MPEG:Motion Picture Experts Group
域名 Domain Name
拨号连接 Dial-up Connection


Customs Bond 海关担保
Surety Company 担保公司
Principle 本人
Carrier 承运人
Attorney 代理人/委托人
Freight Forwarder 货运代理
Jointly and Severally Liable For 负连带责任
Liquidated Damages 违约赔偿金
Solvency 偿付能力
Security 抵押品/保证金
Power of Attorney 委托书
Make a Complete Entry 正式/完整申报
CFR(Code of Federal Regulations) 美国联邦政府行政法规汇编
Bill of Lading 提单
Condemned Goods 有问题的货物
Customs Liquidation 清关
Customs Clearance 结关
Court Costs 诉讼费用
Disposition of Merchandise 货物处置


1 equitable     
  • This is an equitable solution to the dispute. 这是对该项争议的公正解决。
  • Paying a person what he has earned is equitable. 酬其应得,乃公平之事。
2 fixed     
  • Have you two fixed on a date for the wedding yet?你们俩选定婚期了吗?
  • Once the aim is fixed,we should not change it arbitrarily.目标一旦确定,我们就不应该随意改变。